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Mapping Sustainable Fashion

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This data visualization project is a comprehensive data visualization initiative that delves into the efforts of five prominent fashion brands to incorporate sustainable and locally sourced materials into their production processes. Through a combination of interviews with brand representatives, in-depth material research, and analysis of sourcing and production locations, this project shed light on the sustainability practices within the fashion industry.

The project utilized rhino, grasshopper, and qgis in order to construct environmental maps of the locations which the products were sourced and produced. This was coupled with a unique visual strategy that strung threads from point to point, unravelling the fabric of our material environment.

This project contributes to the growing discourse on sustainability in the fashion industry by providing a visually engaging and comprehensive exploration of the efforts made by leading brands to source materials responsibly. The visualizations aim to raise awareness among consumers, industry stakeholders, and policymakers about the importance of sustainable sourcing practices in shaping a more environmentally conscious fashion landscape.

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