The Maiduguri Communal Center

Maiduguri, Nigeria
Foto © Ruban Office
Foto © Ruban Office
Foto © Ruban Office
Foto © Ruban Office
Foto © Ruban Office
Ruban Office
Maiduguri, Nigeria
NGO & Research
The Penmubra Space Foundation

In response to the prevalent conflict and violence in Nigeria, particularly in the Northeast Nigeria, the Penumbra Space Foundation, in collaboration with RUBAN Office, has undertaken a two-year ethnographic research initiative to develop resilience strategies for communities near conflict zones. Findings of the research has led to the implementation of a new community center in the Northeast of Nigeria. The project aims to accelerate socio-economic development and conflict resilience through the construction of a Masjid, a School, and a communal water-fetching location, strategically chosen based on the researched vulnerabilities and opportunities of the community. Notably, the design incorporates economically empowering strategies into the building process, as the process of building itself provides employment and training in conflict-resilience measures. 90% of the materials of the project are sourced and created by the people through hands-on learning and remote teaching. Structures are designed to aid quick displacement without loss of life, depending on the threat. Laterite-mud-bricks made from the soil in extracted from the area. The use of materials, sun, and water, in combination with recalibrated everyday activities plans to foster a circular economy for the community, promoting socio-economic sustainability as well.

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