PWDC – Patrickwaheed Design Consultancy

Abijo Mosque

Abijo GRA, Nigeria, 2020

A Community Congregational Mosque: The Abijo Mosque aesthetic and materiality is inspired by traditional Yoruba mud buildings and our res...

Ruban Office

The Education Masjid

Southwest of Nigeria, Nigeria

This religious project strategically and dynamically blurs the lines between public and private space with an intention to recalibrate re...

Oshinowo Studio

Bahai Temple

Kinshasa, D.R. Congo

We were invited to take part in a closed competition to design the regional temple for the Bahia faith in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic o...

Baer, Shifman-Nathan Architects

Citadel Church

Lagos, Nigeria, 2021

This is our interior design for the Citadel Church in Lagos, Nigeria. In our design we attempted to invent an interior atmosphere appropr...


Große Moschee

Algier, Algerien, 2020

In der Bucht von Algier entstand die drittgrößte Moschee der Welt. Sie vereint verschiedene kulturelle und religiöse Einrichtungen. Sie i...

Paradigm Design House

Kwizera Chapel: Rwanda Chapel

Rwanda, Ruanda, 2013

This was an entry to Young Architects Competition: Rwanda Chapel. Concept: It is a matter of choice to change the destiny and create a b...

Firm Profile & Design Philosophy

Oran Convention Centre

Oran, Algerien, 1989

The city of Oran is taking giant strides towards the revitalization of its city center, starting with the construction of a modern conven...

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