Photo © Manuel Correia
Photo © Manuel Correia
Photo © Manuel Correia
Photo © Manuel Correia
Photo © Manuel Correia


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Rua Kwame Nkrumah, Luanda, Angola

The KN10 Building is located in downtown Luanda, close to Largo da Maianga square. Its sober volumetric presence is defined by its ten modules in exposed concrete resting at differing angles on top of each other.

The base serves to erase the border between public and private space by means of a layered ramp from the sidewalk that allows for continuation of the street into the building’s interior.

Level 0 and the mezzanine above it house services and there are three storeys for parking and technical areas below ground.

The remaining ten floors above ground are reserved for office spaces and have an open-plan design. They are served by a shared nucleus of support areas and stairway/elevators.

In order to control exposure to the sun, the window spans in each of the ten modules are recessed, enhancing the building’s volumetric presence and identity in the cityscape.


4 221 sq.m

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