Maniquenique Emergency School

Maniquenique, Mozambique
Architecture & Human Rights (ARCH+H.R.)
Rural area, Maniquenique, Mozambique
UN-Habitat Mozambique
Architect Fernando Ferreiro, Architect Eduardo Feuerhake, Architect Jorge Lobos
University of Chile. teacher and adviser Jorge Lobos
Jorge Lobos + AA,

Maniquenique rural area in Mozambique had a challenge, to create a system where the local inhabitants could protect themselves in times of flood. The country neither the international cooperation did not have an economical program for humanitarian emergencies for Mozambique. However they have a program for rural schools, We decided to use that educational program using the schpol as a survival platform for the community, The school of Maniquenique uses the experience of other communities around the world which has built on water, the building rest in pillars of cement concrete of 1.5m over the ground, enough to safe the people in times of fllod.
This school receive 100 children, and can support the community with water, toilets, and a safe space in times of emergency for several days. This rural building has increased the gap of time that the community can survive waiting for the government help. In times of flood, it is key to improve the options of the government to come with support to the rural areas.

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