Studio Elementals Architecture

Farm Office (Production Campus)

Ebvolekpen, Nigeria, 2020

The office building design is a significant aspect of a comprehensive project spanning a 1000-hectare farm in Edo State, Nigeria. It is c...

Ruban Office

University of Lagos Lagoon Front

Akoka, Nigeria, 2026

The University of Lagos Lagoon Front project is the masterplan for an innovation region at the shores of the University of Lagos. An inte...

Studio Elementals Architecture

Production Campus

Ebvolekpen, Nigeria, 2020

The client is a Nigerian impact oriented value chain development firm for food products, who intends to establish its first production si...

Studio Elementals Architecture

Landmark Beach Resort

Landmark Beach, Victoria Island, Nigeria, 2022

The proposed beach estate comprises of 30 guest rooms in different accommodation structures such as chalets and beach houses as well as p...

Studio Contra Ltd

WAF Skatepark

Freedom Park, Nigeria

WAF Skate Park will be the first of its kind in Lagos. Freedom Park, formerly Her Majesty’s Broad Street in the 1880s, is a heritage sit...

Studio Contra Ltd

Institute of Contemporary African Art & Film

Ilorin, Nigeria

The Institute of Contemporary African Art & Film in Ilorin is to be a purpose-built art gallery capable of attracting the best in con...


The Falomo Underbridge

Falomo, Nigeria, 2017

The Falomo underbridge is definitely a masterpiece, a unique place such that it shares close boundaries with those going to places like L...


Staff Housing: American International School…

Victoria Island, Nigeria, 2019

Due to the site constraints and the lack of public leisure outdoor facilities close by, available to the residents to use, it was importa...

Costa Lopes Arq

Currency Museum

Luanda, Angola, 2013

The new Currency Museum is located on the bay waterfront of Luanda, in the heart of the city downtown, at the Major Saidy Mingas Square, ...

Costa Lopes Arq

Bay of Luanda Waterfront

Luanda, Angola, 2013

The Bay of Luanda gave rise to the urban and architectural waterfront of the capital of Angola and is one of its main foundational patter...


Oran Convention Centre

Oran, Algeria, 1989

The city of Oran is taking giant strides towards the revitalization of its city center, starting with the construction of a modern conven...

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