FAA Designs Studio

Kano International Trade Center

Kano, Nigeria

This proposal was the winning project of a competition at the request of the Kano Government. This land of 120 Hectares was supposed to h...

Ruban Office

University of Lagos Lagoon Front

Akoka, Nigeria, 2026

The University of Lagos Lagoon Front project is the masterplan for an innovation region at the shores of the University of Lagos. An inte...

Studio Elementals Architecture

Production Campus

Ebvolekpen, Nigeria, 2020

The client is a Nigerian impact oriented value chain development firm for food products, who intends to establish its first production si...

Oshinowo Studio


Ngarrannam, Nigeria, 2022

Our vision for the Homes for Ngarannam was to design a settlement town more closely related to the Kanuri /Islamic culture than the exist...


Reconstruction plan for Precious Seeds,…

Lagos, Nigeria, 2024

The reconstruction scheme for Precious Seed, a community in the Oworonshoki neighborhood that was heavily affected by the brutal demoliti...


Advocacy for the people of Precious Seeds,…

Lagos, Nigeria, 2023

Since 2021, FABULOUS URBAN | NIGERIA FOUNDATION has been active in the Precious Seeds Community, part of the Oworonshoki neighborhood. Am...

AS+P Albert Speer + Partner

Integrierte Planung Badya City

Cairo, Egypt, 2016 - 2019

Integrierte Planung der gemischt genutzten Entwicklung: AS+P entwickelte den Masterplan für 150.000 Bewohner und entwarf das architektoni...

Chiara Catani


Shirè, Ethiopia

From camp to city, from shelter to Home Is there an alternative to the infinite multitude of tents that make up the typical image of a r...

10 Design

Jefaira Seafront Masterplan

Jefaira, Egypt, 2020

10 DESIGN is the Master Planner for the Jefaira development, overlooking the enchanting shores of the Mediterranean on the Egyptian North...


Makoko Neighborhood Hotspot

Lagos, Nigeria, 2017

From 2013 to 2017, FABULOUS URBAN developed and implemented the Makoko Neighborhood Hotspot as part of the Makoko Urban Design Toolbox an...

Costa Lopes Arq

Currency Museum

Luanda, Angola, 2013

The new Currency Museum is located on the bay waterfront of Luanda, in the heart of the city downtown, at the Major Saidy Mingas Square, ...

Costa Lopes Arq

Solar Village

Catete, Angola, 2012

Aldeia Solar (Solar Village) lies on the banks of Lake Lalama in the Town of Cabiri, some 50 km from the Angolan capital. On a ridge line...


Makoko Urban Design Toolbox

Lagos, Nigeria, 2014

Fabulous Urban developed the Makoko Urban Design Toolbox as contribution to the Makoko/Iwaya Waterfront Regeneration Plan based on the co...

Giuseppe Lunardini

Tourist oasis in the desert

Marrakech, Morocco, 2015

The project, in which Giuseppe Lunardini took part as Landscape Architect for his Moroccan company: LAWF (Landscape & Architecture Wo...

Marion Regitko Architects

Lifelong Learning School

Kapiri, Uganda, 2009

Village – The Shalom School is a holistic project and this is reflected in the huge range of activities that will be included. The scope ...

Bruno Remoué & Associats

Seafront of Libreville

Libreville, Gabon

The project is about planning the development of Libreville new seafront district. It is different to other international projects becaus...

SPG Architects

Kageno Community and Health Center

Banda, Rwanda

Located on property donated by members of the village of Banda, Rwanda, this modern collection of community buildings address the concern...


Oran Convention Centre

Oran, Algeria, 1989

The city of Oran is taking giant strides towards the revitalization of its city center, starting with the construction of a modern conven...

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