Abijo Mosque


Incorporated in Nigeria in 2006, pwdc primarily provides architectural and interior design services to the private and public sectors. Operating from their Lekki studio, they also provide ‘design &build’ and related ‘project management’ as additional design services.

“Inspired by real life conditions, we analyse the complexity of relationships within each project without any assumption or prejudice. Our attempt is to remain intuitive and look for an angle to initiate dialogue. It is through this practice that the matter being observed naturally reveals itself and a feasible solution becomes clear. One underpinning element that has evolved from this approach is a design style that we term as ETC, ethno-tropical contemporary.

ETC relates to spatial solutions based on contemporary design that takes into consideration our tropical climate and incorporates ethnic provenance in its internal styling and decoration, while staying true to a project’s essential purpose.

The endeavor is to show the genuine possibility in creating designs that emerge through a process of collective dialog, a face-to-face sharing of knowledge through imagination, intimacy, and modesty as opposed to a forced, contrived process.”

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