Start Somewhere

Bethany Joy School

Kawangware, Kenya, 2023

Bethany Joy School has been operating for a years with the financial support of their international sponsor The Watumull Family Children’...

Start Somewhere

Bethel Kibera School

Kibera, Kenya, 2024

The local Bethel Kibera school was dismantled and reconstructed using TwistBlocks with the assistance of the 7 Hills Foundation who suppo...

Start Somewhere

Global One School

Kibera, Kenya, 2023

This low-income school is situated in Kibera, one of the largest informal settlements in Nairobi, Kenya. The existing sheet-metal school ...

Studio Elementals Architecture

Farm Office (Production Campus)

Ebvolekpen, Nigeria, 2020

The office building design is a significant aspect of a comprehensive project spanning a 1000-hectare farm in Edo State, Nigeria. It is c...

Studio Elementals Architecture

Etete Terrace Houses

Benin City, Nigeria, 2021

As Benin City experiences rapid growth and urbanization, there arises an increasing demand for new residential developments capable of ac...

Architecture & Human Rights (ARCH+H.R.)

Maniquenique Emergency School

Maniquenique, Mozambique, 2006

Maniquenique rural area in Mozambique had a challenge, to create a system where the local inhabitants could protect themselves in times o...


Meta (Facebook) Lagos Headoffice

Nigeria, 2021

Meta (formerly Facebook) confronted the intricate task of establishing a new office in Lagos amid the global pandemic, emphasizing the ch...


PwC Innovation Lab

Victoria Island, Nigeria, 2019

PwC aimed to transition into developing technology solutions for clients. The company required an environment conducive to co-creation wi...



Nigeria, 2022

Union Bank wanted to tap into the fintech ecosystem by changing their perception as a generational financial institution. The company ai...

PWDC – Patrickwaheed Design Consultancy

MAD House University of Lagos

Akoka, Nigeria, 2023

We have introduced a new era of architectural innovation at this creative hub, aptly named ‘Making A Difference House’ (MAD House), where...

PWDC – Patrickwaheed Design Consultancy

Abijo Mosque

Abijo GRA, Nigeria, 2020

A Community Congregational Mosque: The Abijo Mosque aesthetic and materiality is inspired by traditional Yoruba mud buildings and our res...

PWDC – Patrickwaheed Design Consultancy

Aderemi Makanjuola Lecture Theatre

Lagos, Nigeria, 2018

500 seater Lecture Theatre of Lagos State University

FAA Designs Studio

Kano International Trade Center

Kano, Nigeria

This proposal was the winning project of a competition at the request of the Kano Government. This land of 120 Hectares was supposed to h...

FAA Designs Studio

Ruxton Restaurant


In a neighborhood previously residential and under transformation, we wanted this restaurant to be reminiscent of the domestic scale. The...

FAA Designs Studio

Quays Restaurant & Lounge

Lekki, Nigeria, 2022

It is multi-function space with activities revolving around food. The building is organized as follows: Ground floor: butcher and deli f...

Ruban Office

The Education Masjid

Southwest of Nigeria, Nigeria

This religious project strategically and dynamically blurs the lines between public and private space with an intention to recalibrate re...

Ruban Office

The Maiduguri Communal Center

Maiduguri, Nigeria

In response to the prevalent conflict and violence in Nigeria, particularly in the Northeast Nigeria, the Penumbra Space Foundation, in c...

Ruban Office

University of Lagos Lagoon Front

Akoka, Nigeria, 2026

The University of Lagos Lagoon Front project is the masterplan for an innovation region at the shores of the University of Lagos. An inte...

Urban and Contemporary Architects Ltd


Apapa, Nigeria

Design contemplation began with the site studies and developing the building’s form to follow the slanted angle of the site. At site lev...

SI.SA (Studio Imagine Simply Architecture)

JK Randle Centre for Yoruba History & Culture…

Onikan, Nigeria, 2022

The multilayered brief called for the renovation of the existing JK Randle community centre, the public pool, and the introduction of a p...

CCP (Consultant Collaborative Partnership)

Deola Sagoe

Ikoyi, Nigeria, 2017

Deola Sagoe Limited, is Africa's leading specialist fashion company. The company prides itself on its innovative designs, its use of genu...

CCP (Consultant Collaborative Partnership)

Kings Tower

Ikoyi, Nigeria, 2019

This is a 15 storey office tower currently being executed in collaboration with SAOTA, and is scheduled for completion in June 2017. King...

CCP (Consultant Collaborative Partnership)

The White Orchid House

Victoria Island, Nigeria, 2020

The White Orchid House is an entertainment and leisure center comprising of 5 no. luxury cinemas, 20 – key boutique hotel, restaurant, ba...

Urban and Contemporary Architects Ltd

Deenal School

Yaba, Nigeria, 2017

On this project, we sought to create a learning environment that the kids will always be eager to come to. To infer that learning is beyo...

Urban and Contemporary Architects Ltd

CMG Urgent Care & Diagnostic Center

Lagos, Nigeria

Our design proposal seek to strike a balance between form and function that meet the patient and staffing needs. We aim to create a build...

Urban and Contemporary Architects Ltd


Lagos, Nigeria, 2021

Originally completed about twenty years ago, the rather dated house changed ownership and the new owners sought for a new contemporary fa...

Studio Elementals Architecture

Production Campus

Ebvolekpen, Nigeria, 2020

The client is a Nigerian impact oriented value chain development firm for food products, who intends to establish its first production si...

Studio Elementals Architecture

Landmark Beach Resort

Landmark Beach, Victoria Island, Nigeria, 2022

The proposed beach estate comprises of 30 guest rooms in different accommodation structures such as chalets and beach houses as well as p...

Studio Elementals Architecture

Kofe Club

Trocadero Mall, Lekki, Nigeria, 2018

Trocadero Property has commissioned the design of a coffee shop at their new development – Trocadero Mall, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. The des...

Studio Elementals Architecture

Fresh Forte

Lekki, Nigeria, 2020

This project is a new mixed-use retail and hospitality building in Lekki, Lagos. Accessible by boat from the lagoon and by car from the A...

Studio Contra Ltd

WAF Skatepark

Freedom Park, Nigeria

WAF Skate Park will be the first of its kind in Lagos. Freedom Park, formerly Her Majesty’s Broad Street in the 1880s, is a heritage sit...

Studio Contra Ltd

Institute of Contemporary African Art & Film

Ilorin, Nigeria

The Institute of Contemporary African Art & Film in Ilorin is to be a purpose-built art gallery capable of attracting the best in con...

Studio Contra Ltd

Ilorin Museum & Garden

Ilorin, Nigeria

The Kwara Museum in Ilorin was among the oldest museums in Nigeria but is no longer fit for purpose and has fallen into disrepair over ye...

Studio Contra Ltd


Ilashe, Nigeria, 2022

BAMBU is a 6-bedroom beach house situated on the coast of Ilashe in Lagos. The house is oriented to the south, facing the Atlantic Ocean,...

Studio Contra Ltd

Art Guesthouse | MOWAA Campus

Benin City, Nigeria

In our competition-winning proposal for a new building within Benin's cultural quarters, we have looked to combine formal and material re...

Studio Contra Ltd

3333 MR Apartments

Abuja, Nigeria

This project is a mid-rise residential building in Maitama, Abuja comprising two lower-ground levels and five above-ground levels on a sl...

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