Kano International Trade Center


We are a multidisciplinary design firm. From interior Design to Urban Design, the guiding question is: How can we do it differently?

FAA Designs was conceived and operating in Paris since 2008 before opening the main branch in Lagos in 2015. The primary motivation for our move to Nigeria was the conviction that it is now possible to do things differently.

“Through a critical approach and a total embrace of the context, we can rediscover new ways.”

It is a matter of questioning what we use and why we use certain materials or tools to create our environment.

Through punctual partnerships within a network of valuable professionals, FAA Designs focuses on offering the best proposals. This allows a variation of results, relevance and efficiency in answers.

The specific requirements of the site, program and client needs are fully integrated, hence each project evolves as an unique exploration of its own rather than reflecting a predetermined architectural or design style. We strongly believe that the design of details is the secret for the best realization and an optimal design and cost control.

We are a studio focused on creating, developing and designing both new and existing spaces.

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Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria