WAF Skatepark


Studio Contra is an architectural, interior and furniture design practice based in Nigeria with studios in Lagos and Abuja. Our practice is committed to the delivery of sensitive, innovative and thoughtful contemporary architecture for clients with an equal enthusiasm for design and the process of design. Above all we value conceptual rigour, cultural rootedness and craftsmanship in execution. At the studio, we employ diverse methods both digital and analogue to develop, test and communicate new ideas, including material prototyping, fabrication, physical modelling, drawing and photography. Studio Contra is a forward thinking and outward-looking practice with collaborative partners in London, Boston, Madrid and Hong Kong who participate in our research and design processes

Process & Approach – Our process is inquisitive and concept-driven. We look for solutions that directly confront the challenges of each brief, seeking to unlock hidden value through all stages of the project. We are client-centered, inclusive and collaborative in our approach, working closely with other designers, consultants and clients every step of the way. We respect the need for buildings to respond to their context, to stand the test of time, to be environmentally sustainable and to continually inspire, delight and engage us.


  • 建筑师
Onikan, Lagos, Nigeria