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Production Campus

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Ebvolekpen, Nigeria
Large scale Farm Planning
Prof. Bernhard Freyer (Dep. of Organic Farming, BOKU Vienna)
On-site Water and Energy concept including Constructed Wetland
Priv. Doz. Dr. G. Langergraber (Dep. of Water, Atmosphere and Environment BOKU Vienna, Institute of Sanitary Engineering and Water Pollution Control)
Adisa Building and Construction

The client is a Nigerian impact oriented value chain development firm for food products, who intends to establish its first production site. They have acquired a property of 1,000 ha, for its farm and production campus for food processing.
The project site consists of former farmland and fragmented secondary forest (former lowland rainforest). A farm for sweet potatoes and other produce has been planned in collaboration with other consultants.

Studio Elementals task has been the site layout and spatial planning for the farm and the production campus.

The initial building phase consists of a production area of approximately 36 000 m2 for 200 workers with a rice mill, a potato curing facility, beans and sesame processing, French Fries production, an office, a cafeteria, changing rooms and a technical workshop.

Studio Elementals is in charge of the architectural planning decisions and landscape design. With this part of the project we are interested in introducing a wholistic and sustainable approach to the project on all levels: minimal sealed surfaces, protection of existing trees, a climatically intelligent landscape design with focus on autochthonous plants mentioned on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Studio Elementals seeks to continue this approach dealing with required natural resources for the production, especially water, rainwater management and the handling of waste.

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